SymbionIQ Labs founder Jean-Philippe Diel attends SXSW 2023


SymbionIQ Labs is excited to attend for the first time this years’ SXSW, renowned for its conference and festivals celebrating the convergence of the interactive, film and music industries. Our Founder Jean-Philippe Diel is there to introduce our suite of real-time fitness solutions and motion capture wearable, NeoTrakR™, NeoXR™ and NeoMoov™ for today and the future of health and fitness in the Metaverse. At the core of SymbionIQ is data privacy, ownership and decentralisation principles.

In development is our suite of cost-effective anywhere, anytime fitness solutions designed to augment fitness businesses, professionals and enthusiasts.

SymbionIQ Labs fitness products

NeoTrakR™ – Wearable motion capture hardware with accurate and live-synced whole-body movement tracking software.

NeoMoov™ – The user-friendly smart device App. Participate in live and VoD fitness sessions, access personalised live-bio feedback, correct poses and train at your own pace to achieve fitness goals.

NeoXR™ – The intelligent hub for the fitness community to train, record, correct poses, share and monetize moves online, in VR and AR. This is an intuitive Management Platform and Decentralized Network for Health and Fitness Content, asset store and health insights with governance, privacy and protection at the forefront.

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Date: Friday, 10th March – Sunday, 15th March, 2023

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