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SymbionIQ Labs packs a team of specialists dedicated to staying on the pulse of health and fitness merged with high-performance tech.

A pre-seed stage startup headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 2022 by Jean-Philippe Diel, the company is developing cutting-edge proprietary technologies to benefit the health and fitness industry using the latest advancements in wearable technology and the connected Self. Their aim in particular is to accurately track and capture human body movements, analyse biological health and fitness data and translate them into powerful creator-owned digital media to augment, train, improve and inform professional athletes, coaches, trainers and individuals for perfect posture, form and exercise anytime, anywhere through a blend of real-world kinetics and enriched visual and auditory digital experiences.


What Are We Building


The NeoMoov™ App interfaces with a Web, AR, VR platform client built on blockchain smart contract technologies, decentralization, gamification, social tokenization for Web3 communities all designed to empower consumers with intelligent tools and digital assets to efficiently build and own their business today and in the Metaverse while preserving ownership and privacy. The brains behind SymbionIQ Labs ltd perform biomechanics AI and Machine Learning magic to break down body movement sequences in clear steps and provide extended reality tools allowing you to visualize performances in detail in the NeoMoov™ App’s Motion Lab and learn new skills.


Your Smarter Twin

Precise Body Motion Sensing Hardware: Wearable and Portable. We are building next generation MoCap hardware and accessories with haptic feedback and sensory cues targeted to the movement creator economy.

Kick Boxing


Our Mission

Empower long term health and fitness habit improvements and skills learning using your data. We aim to empower change by bringing cross discipline insights in health and fitness data while respecting privacy and ownership.

Contribute to building a neutral health and fitness “metaverse”, ie. a private and safe virtual and augmented reality platform for users and liberal professionals in the industry to interact, exchange, learn and develop new skills using data insights and 3D visualisation.

The SymbionIQ Foundation (AKA TSF)

Advocates of data ownership and privacy technologies we believe the future of Health and Fitness data platforms needs to be rebuilt and governed by the community. We therefore hope to bring together IOT hardware suppliers, Supporters, Consumers and Creators as well as Data unions or 3D asset builders to help monetize and reward you and the ecosystem for your contributions.

Our online platform is therefore planned from the ground up using the latest in blockchain technology and cryptographic advances and its governance will later be handed over to the community via a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). Movement data like any other health and fitness data is extremely sensitive by nature. With SymbionIQ Labs, we are building our platform in a way that you can retain ownership of your data and assets as well as preserve your privacy.

The NeoMoov™ App combined with our online platform will offer users and creators access to XR (Extended Reality) channels to meet professionals and discuss their learnings, their progress around their Health and Fitness data and results. We bring the diagnosis or the coaching to the data (one way to think about this is if you were custodian of all your medical data as opposed to your doctor). Our platform aims to be a client agnostic platform and will allow users from multi- site locations to train together – whether they join from a desktop computer, a smart device or are immersed through the use of Augmented Reality glasses and Virtual Reality headsets – We will provide a flexible, unified experience for both live and on-demand streaming.

Are you an IOT hardware suppliers, a Consumers, a Creator, a Data union or a 3D asset builders or simply someone who supports our vision and our ideas? Every participants on our platform will receive stakes that allows them to participate in the operation and governance of the platform with the aim to guarantee a reliable and credibly neutral and innovative environment dedicated to advancing our mission to provide everyone a holistic view of their health and fitness data and ways to safely monetize, share and learn new skills and insights from their own data.


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Health and Fitness to Life.

Bringing Health and Fitness to Life. Powering the Movement Creator Economy

SymbionIQ Labs packs a team of specialists dedicated to staying...

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